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More than 2,000 non-profit organizations in Orange County need volunteer help, some of which are included here.
* Since 1958, the greater Orange County Volunteer Center has been the center of communication for people who want to contribute to the community --based groups.
* Through in (714)953-
5757, the volunteer can explain his or her interests and skills and match them with a group.
The center arranged 32,000 volunteers last year.
\"One of the things we heard was that someone thought they didn\'t have enough time to give,\" said Jeanette Wood of the center . \".
\"But with more than 2 million residents living here, I calculated that if everyone only gives 5 hours a week ---
A Saturday morning-
The amount of services donated will amount to $2 billion per year.
\"Bankruptcy has an impact on the groups that serve the society, and we challenge each Orange County resident to give him or her five hours,\" she said . \".
County * agency: community service program: adopt a family or child throughout the holiday list: donate or pick up food, gifts, family needs Contact: Ronnetta Johnson ,(714)756-
0677 * agency: shelters for abused homeless women and children\'s sheepfold: toys collected until December.
14 wish list: new, non-violent, unpacked gifts for children and adolescents. Contact: (714)237-
1444 * agency: toy collection as of December
21 wish list: organize toys, collect toy drivers, donate toys and answer the phone. Contact: Sgt. Diaz or Capt. Villaroel, (714)726-3583 or (714)726-
Anaheim 9 anaheim * agency: Anaheim therapeutic Entertainment Program: Holiday parties from 2 to 4 pm. Dec.
16 wish list: help to organize, decorate, entertain or prepare party snacks for the development of persons with disabilities and their families.
Contact: Terry Monford (714)821-
6510 * agency: Plan to save the Army: various opportunities to help 5,500 families
Organize and pack food baskets and toys in December. 23;
Santa Claus, photographer, record label
Keep, receive and ship donations.
Contact: Dolores Barrett ,(714)772-
7535 * agency: Westview career service program: 6 p talent show for mentally retarded peoplem. Dec.
9 wish list: prepare or serve food and beverage, help with holiday parties, decorate and raise funds.
Contact: Lynn Bradford (714)957-
4155 Buena Park * agency: Children\'s gathering in December: plan for raising grandsons with heart and grandparents.
16 wish list: gift packaging, hospitality (clown)
, Set up and clean up.
Contact: Erin Contz (714)839-
6752 Costa Mesa * agency: ARC-Assn.
List of Christmas activities: adoption of a family or child; fund-raise;
Party snacks.
Donate gifts for homeless people (all ages)
, Turkey, coffee, toilet paper, sugar, baked goods, cleaning supplies714)540-
5803 * agency: Christmas party Boys and Girls Club program December.
Wish list: prepare snacks or scones;
Contact: Eleanor strojeni714)631-
7724 * Organization: splendid development center project: Candy sorting from Monday to Fridaym. to 4:30 p. m.
Contact: Corrie Rausch ,(714)957-
5188 * agency: Hamilton Head Start plan: bag toys in December. 5-12; parties 10 a. m. and 2 p. m. Dec. 14;
Toys delivered on December. 18-
List of wishes: adoption of one family;
4-donated food, toys, clothesyear-olds, diapers.
Entertain children with music and puppets;
Sing and Dance in Spanish;
Donation of toys by age group;
Collect or ship donated food, toys and clothing.
Contact: Jessica Castro714)548-
4480 * institution: Orange Coast College Children\'s Center program: list of holiday activities: adoption of a family or child.
Contact: Lucy Groetsch ,(714)432-
5569 * institution: Port Bay recuperation Hospitalm. Dec. 22;
2 p New Year\'s party. m. Dec.
List of wishes: Adoption of adult residents;
Bake cookies or prepare party snacks;
Help the party;
Contact Information: Brenda Bray ,(714)642-
0400 * Organization: embrace the company project
Program: Christmas party December.
At Newport Beach. Pre-
The party will be held in Costa Mesa.
Wish list: adoption of children;
Help the party;
Prepare or serve food, organize or pack toys; photograph; entertain;
Contact Information: Debby Magnuson ,(714)432-
9681 * agent: share our activity plan: holiday activities714)642-
3451 * agency: someone cares about the soup kitchen project: List of free meals: food for hunger and family714)646-
8181 * institution: Women\'s assistance program: gathering in December.
3 wish list: help with snacks;
Contact Information: A. donate food or drinkJ. Lane, (714)631-
Community service in agenton city: alcoholic beverages-
Free New Year\'s Eve celebrations: live entertainment, events and fireworks showsm.
Midnight on December 31
Wish list: work at the kiosk;
Collect tickets; security; stage managers; ticket sales.
Contact: Dennis Watson714)738-
6581 * agent: Feng Senior
Service center plan: children\'s holiday Community Party 4-12, 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. Dec. 23.
Wish list: Santa Claus; entertainers; photographer;
Help the party; decorate;
Classification or packaging of toys;
Process coordinator;
Snow waiter;
Pick-up or delivery.
Contact: Eloisa espinaza (714)738-
3161 garden grove * agency: Garden Grove police station project: wish list for toy drivers and gift packaging: gift packaging;
Contact: Karl Mansfield ,(714)741-5950 Ext.
6086 * institution: John Henry Foundation project: Christmas party, December 10.
18 wish list: Adoption of adults with chronic mental illness; wrap gifts;
Help with the Christmas party; entertain; raise funds;
$5 gift or personal care items.
Contact Information: Vicky Qingze (714)539-
9597 * institution: Lamson school/heart-to-
Heart Project: activities as of December.
List of wishes: adoption of one family;
Contact Information: Sara Monroy ,(714)997-
6153 Huntington Beach * agency: Boys and Girls Club for Huntington Valley project: Christmas dinner and family reunion on December.
Wish list: prepare or provide meals; clean up;
Assist with holiday parties; wrap gifts; Santa; record-keeping;
Donate gifts for the children.
Contact: Art Groeneveld ,(714)374-
2603 * agent: ESAProgram: toy shop, 10. m. -2 p. m. Dec. 11-21;
Assemble the basket on December 16;
Distribution of baskets, December. 18-
21 wish list: Establishment and supervision of toy stores;
Assembly and distribution of festival baskets;
New toys or clothes, gifts for teenagers, Christmas food714)960-
2254 * agency: Senior Citizen Outreach Centre Project: list of wishes for Christmas food distribution and positioning: delivering meals for frail seniors714)960-
24 78 irvine * agency: Foundation for AIDS Services Project: Holiday basket December.
16, 17 wish list: assemble and deliver holiday gift baskets for AIDS patients714)253-
1500 Laguna Beach * agency: CSP Youth Protection program: List of Christmas activities: Donation of toilet bags, gas BBQ, food, games, shoes, computers, Christmas gifts 11-17Contact: (714)494-
4311 * agency: Friendship Shelter
Activity Plan: List of Christmas and New Year\'s Day activities: assist in holding holiday parties; entertain; raise funds;
Contact: Barbara kripinger ,(714)494-
6928 * agency: Laguna Shanti plan: gift package 10. m. -5 p. m. Dec. 11-15;
December bag.
15 wish list: assembly and packaging of holiday gift packages;
Food baskets classified or packaged;
Pick up or offer a donation, SantaContact: Nancy copinski ,(714)494-
1446 Laguna Mountain * institution: Laguna Mountain adult day care center project: group trio list: Adoption of adults;
Push the wheelchair;
Prepare or serve meals; visit; entertain; holiday spruce-
Contact Information: Peggy weismail ,(714)855-
9444 * institution: Laguna Hill Senior Center Project: holiday party for 100 senior citizens in December.
List of wishes: adoption of one family;
Help older people write and address Christmas cards; entertain;
Take photos; holiday spruce-up projects; raise funds;
Party snacks and gift basketball. Contact: Nancy Miller ,(714)380-
0155 Lake Forest * institution: Lake Forest care center project: Holiday Dinnerm. Dec.
19 wish list: decoration, visiting residents, entertainment714)380-
93 80 Los ALAMITOS * agency: we care about the Los ALAMITOS project: sorting food 9m. -3 p. m. Dec. 14 and 9 a. m. -1 p. m. Dec.
15 wish list: adopt a child, classify or pack a food basket310)598-
9790 vieviejo * agency: Norman P.
Murray Community and Senior Center Project: Activities in the wish list for the whole month: entertainment, taking photos, preparing party refreshments, serving dinner714)470-
3062 Newport Beach * agency: Hoag Hospital Foundation project: events through Monday\'s wish list: 800 volunteers serve the Festival of Trees.
Contact person for specific needs: Catherine Hillman ,(714)574-
72 10 orange * agency: American Family Life Program: Women\'s holiday fashion and lunch at Hotel 9 Disneylandm. to 2:30 p. m. Dec.
2 wish list: assist in the festival party; decorate;
Clean up and take photos;
Production Center, organize brochures.
Contact: Brenda Enders (714)637-
7900 * agent: Friendly Center plan: full Christmas basket, sorted toys 9. m. to 2 p. m. Dec. 16;
Distribute baskets and toys. m. to 3 p. m. Dec.
Wish list: food basket classified or packaged;
Assist with holiday parties; Santa Claus; entertain;
Take pictures and raise money.
Contact: Becky Palomino714)771-
5300 * institution: Christmas party for patient children on December.
Wish list: baked biscuits;
Prepare party snacks; Santa Claus; entertain;
Contact Information: Sister Mary Serris ,(714)633-
4600 * institution: Orange County Animal Society project: Santa Claus at Orange County Zoo, 11 a road, Irving Parkm. -2 p. m.
Wish list on December 16, 17 and 23: Santa Claus; photographer;
Blowing balloons;
Distribute colorful books, candy bars and balloons.
Contact: Sheri jokum (714)744-3713 or (714)520-
7234 * agency: Orangewood Children\'s House project: holiday activities on the wish list for the whole month: donations of clothing and toys for infants, children and adolescents; kitchen items (
Biscuits, cake pan, lid and cooker);
Gift certificates for Target, Mervins, Kmart)
Food certificates for McDonald\'s, Burger King and Little KALS
Contact Information :(714)935-
Agency: Green Valley Children\'s Development Program: holiday spruce-
Projects can be carried out at any time before the Christmas list: window washing and spider net cleaning Contacts: Jane Manning ,(714)528-
0230SAN CLEMENTE * agency: ESA County project: adoption of a family to help the family714)492-
8211 * institution: St. Clement\'s senior center project: catering for elderly people at home in December. 20-
29 Contact Information: Rose nicolta ,(714)498-
3322 Santa Ana institution: American Diabetes Association.
Program: Christmas party for children with diabetes and their familiesm. Dec.
Contact: Linda Farris ,(714)693-
0525 * agency: Blind Child Learning Center plan: list of wishes to send Christmas cards today: Packaging and weighing cartons of Christmas cards; some writing.
Contact: Lois Lauer ,(714)573-
8876 * agency: Family Service Center program, Catholic charity: gift package, December. 12-14;
Christmas party December
List of wishes: adoption of a family or child; gift wrap;
Help build a party or Park; elves;
People who like it: Judy Silva or Judy Madel ,(714)668-
1130 * agency: Corbin community center project: List of family projects adopted: gifts donated714)647-
6557 * agency: Orange County Health Care Agency project: food basket as of December.
22 wish list: assist in matching donors and clients in need;
Delivery box;
Contact: Debbie kunnett ,(714)568-
4422 * agency: Orange County Health Care Agency Program: adopt a poor family by December.
22. wish list: Provide food basket or food gift certificate. Spanish-
Speech volunteer required by PhonesContact: Debbie kunnett ,(714)568-
4422 * agency: Orange County project co-program: adoption of a family through December.
25 wish list: groceries and small gifts for childrenChavez, (714)568-
4378 * agency: Home and service for child abuse in Olive Garden: Activity 8: 30m. to 5 p. m. Dec. 14 to 18; Saturday 7 a. m. to 7 p. m.
List of wishes available: Welcome welcome to the welcoming staff of gift donors; holiday fund-raising;
Collection and delivery of donations.
Contact: Cathy Cook ,(714)543-5437 Ext.
150 * agency: Southwest Community Center program: adoption of one in December. 16-
25 wish list: donate food, clothing, toys and sanitary products;
Food baskets classified or packaged;
Prepare snacks;
Take photos;
Contact Information: Connie Jones ,(714)547-
4073 * institution: American Association for cerebral palsy
Items: wish list for Christmas basket items for baby center families: adoption family or children;
Contact: Cheryl Russell (714)557-
4796 * agency: Veterans charity project: list of wishes for Christmas party in December 22: preparing party snacks;
Help the party;
Classification or packaging of toys; Santa Claus; entertain;
Contact Information: Deanne Tate ,(714)547-
0615 * agency: VIP Santa Ana adult day care program: list of holiday activities throughout the month: Santa Claus, elves, entertainers714)558-
1216 * institution: YWCA south Orange County project: adoption family;
Wish list: new gifts for homeless children and women;
Artists and carols
Contact: Davis ,(714)542-
3577 TUSTIN * agency: Boys and Girls Club for TUSTIN project: List of Christmas activities: picking up Christmas trees on December. 22;
Donate Turkey and hamContact: Chris ,(714)838-
5223 * agent: Laurel House plan: Use family wish list: gift package; decorate; spruce-
Contact: Lynn Edmunson ,(714)832-
0207 * agency: walking shield American Indian Association program: Holiday gift drivenm. to 4 p. m.
SaturdayWish List: Gift, backpack, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, comb, lip balm;
Collecting and packing toys for Native American children;
Contact: Nancy Berg ,(714)548-
8555 or Hugh magsson ,(714)573-
1434 WESTMINSTER * agency: Orange County Joint Project: adoption of a family by December.
Contact Information: Jane Dawson ,(714)896-
7556 yorba linda * agency: Yorba Linda Head start program: wish list for all months through a family: Donation of clothes, food, toys;
Contact number: Marlene Mitchell ,(714)693-9484.
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