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what is banneton proofing basket ?


What is banneton bread proofing basket ?

Bannneton bread proofing basket one name is “brotform “ and another  is “banneton “ it is made from natural cane .banneton  basket is  used both to provide the loaf with shape and to wick moisture from the crust. When dough get big , turn it out onto a pan to bakery in oven

what is  banneton bread proofing basket features?

Banneton bread proofing Basket  is  one of the main handcraft products in China   .  the main markets  are European countries and USA  .natural rattan proofing basket is non-stick to sourdoughs, loaves and artisan breads, makes better fermentation. Our banneton proofing baskets  comply with the USA food standard 

From our Artisan Collection, banneton proofing basket  is just what the baker needs in order to make the perfect loaf of bread. Made out of natural rattan, this proofing basket, also known as a banneton, is sturdy, allowing the dough to rise before it goes into the oven. Try this proofing basket, a favorite for the artisan bread baker. 

How to use banneton bread proofing  basket ?

 Use a basket you have on hand. A colander or strainer will even work in a pinch. Find a basket roughly the size you need for your loaf, flour a linen or heavy cotton cloth and line the basket with the cloth, then add the dough. The flour will keep the dough from sticking to the cloth as it rises.  


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