What are the advantages of Guangdong bamboo products in producing bamboo products?

by:Carehome     2019-12-26
Bamboo products such as bamboo flooring, bamboo doors, and bamboo furniture, bamboo basket are often misunderstood. For example, some users in the South will ask: 'Will it be insects? Will it be moldy? '; Consumers in the North will ask when they see it: 'Will it crack and deform? Can it be suitable for the monotonous cold climate in the north? Also, can the bamboo basket be warmed up? 'And so on. Why is the question about bamboo products so different in the north and south? The original is different from the environment and climate in the north and south. The South is rich in bamboo. Generally, in villages, bamboo baskets made of bamboo can be seen everywhere. Every family has bamboo products, and every family uses bamboo products, for example, bamboo poles, bamboo baskets, bamboo beds, etc. that are not in contact with water; There are also bamboo products that are often in contact with water, such as bamboo chips and bamboo chopsticks. Generally, most of the bamboo packaging baskets that come into contact with water will be moldy, and the relative contact with water will be used for a long time. So generally they are more concerned about whether they will be moldy and so on. In the north, otherwise, the North does not produce bamboo basket. They have less contact with bamboo products. They have not been exposed to bamboo insects and mildew, but there are more bamboo floors in the north, however, the quality of bamboo flooring produced by some small manufacturers of bamboo flooring is not good enough. Perhaps the equipment of the floor is not in place, which simply causes the bamboo floor to deform and crack, therefore, in their influence, bamboo products are generally deformed and cracked. After a series of production technologies, the current bamboo products have removed nutrients such as sugar, starch and fat from bamboo species and exterminated eggs and microorganisms, now it is not a nutrient source for microorganisms and other Origin eggs, and it will not produce insects and mold. Moreover, the standardized large bamboo products bamboo basket manufacturers control the moisture content of the products in the South at 12% after the bamboo is severely dehydrated by the monotonous humid climate in the north and the South, the moisture content in the North is controlled at 8%, and its different moisture content can be suitable for different climates in the north and south, thus solving the problems of deformation and cracking. Moreover, bamboo furniture does not touch the ground in the South, does not touch the water, and does not crack and deform, so consumers can use it with confidence, and its service life can reach more than 40 years.
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