wave goodbye to deep-sea horror; the pounds 250 challenge fishy goings on in the bathroom were a mess of titanic proportions.

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When Samantha Williams and her boyfriend Paul McFadyen bought their apartment in Glasgow rattan pet house, they knew there was something suspicious about the property.
The small shower room is swimming by hand-
Painted murals of fish, octopus, seals and a giant mermaid with beads, glass pebbles and painted shells.
\"It\'s like the Deep Sea World is getting stupid,\" says Samantha Torres . \".
\"The colors used are terrible --
Bright red, blue, green, silver and gold are all scattered with a shiny layer of glue.
\"The most important thing is that all the poor unsuspecting creatures are stuck with glass eyes.
So, although there are no windows in the small shower room, every time I am in the toilet, I feel like I am stared at by people in all directions.
\"What\'s worse, the weight of all the aquatic art that sticks to the wallpaper causes it to fall off the wall and the carpet gets dirty.
\"I \'ve scrubbed it, but the bathroom always feels dirty and depressing,\" Samantha said . \".
\"After 10 months in the apartment, Paul and I were used to the terrible decorations, even though we were in and out as fast as we could.
\"But it was the only bathroom in the apartment and it was really awkward when we had visitors to visit.
The only thing that is more notable than those suspicious murals is that one might think this is my masterpiece.
\"The problem is that although it\'s easy to criticize other people\'s renovations, Paul and I are not very good at DIY.
\"We spent all our time and money making the rest of the apartment look decent and despite the small shower room everything inside was horrible and we didn\'t know where to start.
\"The Homfe fe designer, Anna Matthews, stuffed her toilet bowl with £ 250 of renovation money and she set out to see what she could do to stop Samantha and Paul at U-
Bent by the state of the toilet.
\"The shower room does look a bit of a disaster,\" Anna reported . \".
\"No windows, a dark green washbasin and toilet, the mottled gray/green tiles around the shower make the place look dim, this is no doubt why the previous owners chose all the bright colors in the mural.
\"But the walls were painted with the mermaid and the fish, making the small room look smaller.
\"Although the color of the bathroom suite is very old, if you choose a contrast but complementary color for the surrounding environment, the old-
The old-fashioned green accessories look cool and modern.
\"In this bathroom, Anna chose a mixture of light color, cream and dark blue to cover the lower part of the uneven plaster wall with a stylish medium-fiber tongue and groove paneling, transform the tiles with paint and subtle starfish template design and replace the dyed carpet with beautiful and practical vinyl floor tiles.
How to use sugar soap to remove all grease and dirt in the first step, Anna begins to scrub the green tiles around the shower area.
In order to prepare the surface of the new paint, a special tile primer was applied.
You need two coats, and each piece can be completely dry before gently sanding and wiping with a clean damp cloth.
Using small foam rollers, apply two layers of smooth cream tilepaint and gently polish again after the first layer of coating.
Step 2, the second layer of tile paint was placed overnight to harden, then Anna cut out a simple starfish template that she painted with dark blue and added a touch around the shower
To lay the template flat against the wall, use a low adhesive tape or spray glue, and then apply the color to the spot color movement with an astencil brush.
Carefully remove the template, dry for a few hours, then reposition the template and seal the paint with a clear ceramic varnish.
Again, draw this with a brush and wait for at least eight hours before using the shower. STEP THREE.
The old carpet was torn and the peeling wallpaper was peeled off.
After the cracks and holes on the plaster were repaired and polished smooth with polyfilla, homfe fe joiner Gary Stewart marked a line around the room with spiritlevel for use with the mid-fiber board tongue and
The wall of 2 out of 3 on the top is painted with a special washable bathroom paint with a soft water color sheenemulsion, and Anna also uses a cream beige vinyl silk as a medium fiber board
Step 4, install the EASIpanel plate, apply a nail and seal adhesive on the back of the panel, peel off the protective paper on the panel
Glue strips, pressed in place.
Once the first panel is stuck in the proper position, the rest of the panels are mounted in the same way, interlocking along the edges of the tongue and groove, with 40mm oval heads brads along the outside
To cut the panel around the pipe, make a paper template that tracks the marks onto the panel and then drill and cut with the puzzle.
Before Gary finished the panel by gluing and DingTalk on the EASIpanel dado track, Anna painted this and skirting with blue Mosel Crown gloss paint.
Mixing with two clear scumble glazes using a blue emulsion also gives a sea blue finish to the mid-fiber plate tongue and groove plate.
Always mix more glaze than you think and store any leftovers in the airTight container
The glaze is painted with paint.
Apply the paint by gently dragging the brush to the surface, allowing some beige base colors to be displayed.
Only working in one direction
In addition, the glaze starts to dry after 15 minutes.
All the glaze is dry and a row of waterproof sealant is run along the edge, then the dado track and panel are also sealed with two layers of transparent waterproof varnish.
Step 6 Anna with a warm pine tree
Colorful vinyl tiles in the shower.
Check if there are no nails or nails and sweep the floor.
Starting at the center of the floor, use the mental level to make sure that the first tile is straight and then spread all the other complete tiles around this.
Remove the backing paper and press it down.
For the waves around the washbasin and toilet, make a paper template first, draw a circle on the vinyl, and then cut it carefully with a sharp Stanley knife.
Lay the tile at the top of the full tile closest to the edge, and then lay another tile on the top, but slide it out this time until it happens to lean against the skirting board.
End at the top and make a mark along the middle tile of this wire cut.
Step 7 Anna solved the storage problem using wallInstalled basket.
Three of them are covered in cream beige, while the other three are dark blue.
Towel track and toilet roll rack is painted with beige vinyl silk and then varnish and ironing board, drawing and decorating a wooden mirror rack with the same starfish template and blue ceramic paint used on the tile
Primer, lotion, gloss and vinyl silk paint, varnish and floor tiles for B & Q. Telephone 0800-
444 840 mid-fiber plate tongue, gopepanels and dado rails from EASIpanel.
Phone 0113 385 2111 Clearscumble glaze from Craig & Rose. Telephone 0131-554-
1131 order ceramic template paint and varnish from Miller art store. Telephone 0141-331-
The shower curtain is 1661 from Next.
Phone 08702 435435 storage boxes, towel racks, mirrors and accessories are all from Au Naturale. Telephone 0141-357-6731.
It\'s a pleasure to look at your sams judgment without eyes \"that\'s great.
The room was full of horrible murals, disgusting tiles and damp carpets, a disaster.
But Anna changed it completely.
I was a bishopy when she told me what color she was going to use on walls and wood products.
\"But once everything is done, the water, cream and the blue blendso are well combined, making the small shower room look brighter and brighter.
\"In addition, the storage basket on the wall is also a very smart idea.
There is almost no floor space in the bathroom, so take all the sundries off the floor and tidy them up in the wicker box.
\"Now, instead of being stared at by all the fish with the funky bubble shower curtain and paint tiles --
The eye mural, standing in the shower and looking around the lovely room was really a pleasure.
\"I like it very much.
\"International tile primer and fiber plate primer, £ 7, money is important. 99 each -pounds15.
98 international tile gloss, 8 lbs.
49 Aqua bathroom lotion and gloss, beige vinyl silk lotion, waterproof varnish and sealant, pounds29.
76 Pebeo ceramic paint and varnish for decorative tiles, Pound 4.
70 Craig & Rose quick dry clear lustrous glaze, 8 lbs.
20 6 packed floor tiles @ £ 5.
Six 98 pound 35 per pack
99 10 XEASIpanel 20 \"x 3ft medium fiber plate tongue and groove panel @ pounds 6.
50 pound, 65 pound 5 long, matched with EASIpanel dado rail @ pound 3.
£ 55 £ 17 per piece
75 shower curtains and 14 pounds.
99 6 rattan storage basket 24.
00 mirror, towel rack and accessories, pound 23.
Total cost = 248.                                

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