ubiquitous straw bag: many shapes…

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Collect Gucci and Vuitton, and then you can have a local product.
The summer bag is a woven straw that may ship vegetables in its habitat-North Africa, the Philippines or China.
The natural color of the straw is the best, leaving the pattern when weaving, rather than adding the decoration.
Embroidered flowers, lining of \"akapura memorabilia\" or coy --
They think you are a wrong tourist.
Similarly, the same is true for \"made\" straw bags with rigid frames or hardware.
This summer, it looks like a market woman in a long and loose skirt, your head is wrapped in a headscarf, and all your worldly items are piled up in a basket, which is hip.
Thrift is also smart --
Basket packs are usually less than $10 and can be discarded at the end of the season.
The summer sleeper is an open straw with your hands on your shoulders.
It\'s big enough to carry a magazine, lunch or whatever else you choose to cram with you.
This bag is made in China and may be found on Park Avenue, carried by designer Mary McFadden or on the metro and bus
Depending on where you find it, this package will get you back anywhere between $4 and $7.
For years, foreign travelers have been carrying bikini, Denali or dirhams in a huge basket with rope handles in it, a veil on the Moroccan bazaars
Although this is not a pickpocket proof, you will see it in town, carried by fashion models and other people familiar with it.
\"Looks good, don\'t you?
Vicky Jemerin commented that he was considering a $3 tag.
On the sidewalk of Azuma on Lexington Avenue. Mrs.
Jemelin, dressed in black leather pants and lace shirts, is clearly interested in identity symbols: she is decorated with Elsa Peretti\'s horseshoe-shaped belt, with Vuitton\'s Vuitton handbag and Kenneth\'s paper tote bag in her hand.
Lacey China bags and market tote bags are in the leading position in this field, but behind them are grass bags of all shapes and sizes, this is a ventilated rectangle brought by Yvonne Copel of the advertising department of Bloomingdale from the Philippines, a striped piece from Africa, belonging to Debra mercham, looks like the Easter basket of Morin Masterson.
A version of this file was printed on page 36 of the New York edition on July 3, 1975 with the title: ubiquitous straw bags: Many shapes . . . . . . .
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