the smart shopping basket that can detect anything you put in it - and even automatically bag it for you

by:Carehome     2019-11-19

Chinacarehome is taking itself
Use the smart shopping basket to take service checkout to a new level.
It can detect items placed inside, calculate bills, and even pack your items automatically.
To check out, shoppers simply put it on a special checkout counter.
After putting the basket into the slot, slide out at the bottom and the item falls into the plastic bag-the customer only has to pay the order fee manually.
Video Chinacarehome\'s scroll down designs a unique shopping basket that customers can place on their automatic self-help
Register the machine when they are ready to check out.
After the craft gift basket is placed in a slot, the bottom slides out and the item falls into the plastic bag.  Chinacarehomelaunched the technology in Lawson, a convenience store chain in Japan, which is adjacent to Osaka headquarters, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Lawson said in a statement that since the clerk does not need to register for a product scan and does not need to pack his luggage at the cash register, this has resulted in the effort to operate the store.
The system is not fully automatic yet, as customers still have to scan each item before putting it into the basket.
It still uses tags on items you pick up while shopping to calculate costs, and then automatically packs your items when you\'re ready to go.
But both Chinacarehome and Lawson hope the system will be fully operational in February.  We will install RFID for electronic tags that do not require product scanning, which can exchange communication information instead of barcode Lawson explaining that we will improve the convenience and efficiency of our customers.
Although the technology was designed specifically to save store operating costs, Lawson did not want to completely eliminate human employees for their businesses.
Sadanobu Takemasu, chief operating officer of the convenience company, said that our store is also a communication point for neighbors, and customers can enjoy chatting with shop assistants.
Lawson, a chain store, told the Wall Street Journal.
Chinacarehome sees the system as a solution for those who are not yet ready for a fully digital experience.
It is not clear whether these stores will appear elsewhere or whether they will only live in Japan. DailyMail.
Com has reached out to Chinacarehome for comment but has yet to receive a response.
A week ago, Amazon launched a convenience store in Seattle, completely replacing the checkout process.
Currently, it is only open to Amazon employees during Beta testing, but will be open to the public in early 2017.
Amazon Go may sound like a store in the future, but the technology can also replace 3.
If other physical stores adopt this technology in the United States, 4 million people are employed as cashiers.
The tech giant may also work on another brick --and-
Mortar grocery stores that can use this technology.
However, an Amazon spokesperson told the Daily Mail.
Amazon Go will have at least as many partners as traditional retail stores.
They shared in an email that Amazon Go associates worked in the kitchen and in the store, preparing ingredients, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, storing shelves and helping customers.
In October, rumors about Amazon\'s foray into the multi-billion-dollar grocery industry were first circulating in the public.
At the time, another Amazon spokesperson told the Daily Mail.
They do not comment on rumors or speculation when asked about the store.
But today\'s news seems to confirm all the speculation.
Four years ago, Amazon said in a video announcement, we asked ourselves: what if we could create a shopping experience without queuing and checkout?
\"Can we break the boundaries of computer vision and machine learning and create a store where customers can simply take what they want and then go?
\"Our answer to these questions is that Amazon goes shopping.
\"This future store uses the same type of technology as itself
Driving a car-computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning.
The company just checked out after shopping-
There may be free shops.
This technology detects the items you grab or return from the shelves and tracks these changes in a virtual shopping cart that can be viewed through the Amazon Go app.
When you find the item you need, walk out of the store and everything is credited to your Amazon account-the system will also send you a receipt.
In addition to groceries such as bread and milk, this store offers ready-madeto-
Fresh Breakfast, lunch and dinner
On-site chefs, local kitchens and bakeries, says Amazon.
To get into the store, customers simply open the Amazon Go app and place it on a sensor that is located in the way the entrance looks like a revolving door. The 1,800-square-
The Foot Amazon Go store is located at 2131 Seventh Avenue, Seattle, Washington, on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Blanchard Street.
On October, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon may also plan to launch convenience stores and drop-off services.
In the position of Amazon Fresh member, strive to become a major player in the highly competitive grocery industry.
According to people familiar with the matter, customers will order goods with longer shelf life
Use a mobile app or touch screen placed throughout the store for day delivery.
Except bricks. and-
Mortar site, will also launch a drive in e-commerce giants
They say that in the place where the staff place an online grocery order to the customer\'s vehicle.
It is said that the company is developing a license
The board reading technique for this project should help to make the process run more efficiently.
People familiar with the matter said the bricksand-
When Amazon explores new locations, it may take a year or more for the mortar store to open.
In addition to anonymous sources, GeekWired\'s release in the same month showed that Amazon may be working in a storefront near Ballard, Seattle.
According to GeekWire, leaked images show that a device on the site says \"Amazon ballard\"-\"specify a delivery location\" in two places \".
Prior to this, the paper found a license document submitted to Seattle City, which read: \"storage shelf insulation plan on the main floor of Amazon \".
While Amazon Go is not built on this site, it can still be set up as another entity on Amazon to convince the store, as the company aims to have 20 grocery stores nationwide and 2,000 fresh products by the end of 2018
Brand grocery stores for the next decade
In order to achieve this goal, they will open 200 pounds a year.
According to the documents viewed by Business Insider, the 20 grocery stores will be located in major cities such as Seattle, Las Vegas, New York City, Miami and the Bay Area.
Although the company seems to have a complete
These places will be treated as pilot projects-this allows them to try different types of stores.
Half of the stores will be designed as \"click\"and-
Collection facilities for customers driving
Grab their online orders.
The other half will be a traditional grocery store with shopping carts, aisles and cashiers.
Amazon has not confirmed or denied the documents, so there is no indication of how many grocery stores the company will eventually open, if any ).                                

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