The origin of bamboo baskets

by:Carehome     2019-12-20
The use of traditional bamboo baskets is roughly used as a daily necessities, such as a vegetable basket, a laundry basket, and a storage basket. Has the benefit of durability. Bamboo is a perennial flowering plant. Bamboo flowering is a normal natural appearance, which is attributed to a process of bamboo seed reproduction. Ancient Chinese citizens have long observed this kind of appearance, which was found in the book of mountains and seas more than 2000 years ago: 'When bamboo grows flowers, it will wither. 'Record. In the 'bamboo spectrum' written by Dai Kai of the Jin Dynasty, it is stated: 'The medicine must be sixty, and it will be six years. 'Its annotation is:' Bamboo is also easy to root for sixty years, and easy to root is strong and dead. 'However, bamboo basket is mainly asexual. Every spring, bamboo shoots grow from underground bamboo whips and then develop into Hsinchu. The bamboo whip is not its root, but the underground stem. Underground stems can be divided into three types: uniaxial underground stems can continue to grow, buds grow on both sides, and lateral buds develop into bamboo shoots; The terminal buds of the axis type develop into bamboo basket, and the lateral buds generate new underground stems, which are connected to form a Axis, and the underground stems generate dense clusters of bamboo culms. The giant pandas like to eat Yuzhu and huaju bamboo, which are classified into this category; In addition, there is also a complex axis type, which is a mixed type of the above two types. The sexual reproduction of bamboo, like other flowering plants, first blooms, then seeds, and ends the entire growth cycle. The flowering cycle of bamboo basket is also due to the different types of bamboo. There are three types: a small amount of bamboo can bloom every year. After flowering, the bamboo stalk does not die, and it can still whip and grow bamboo shoots; Most bamboos only bloom once in the whole growth process, and there is a certain period, ranging from 40 to 80 years. After flowering, the stem leaves are yellow, the pieces die, and the underground stems gradually turn black, lost the ability to sprout, the seed formed is the so-called bamboo rice. After the seed is planted, it grows up and grows into Hsinchu. The arrow bamboo and the Chinese orange bamboo belong to this type; Another type is occasional sporadic flowering. After flowering, the bamboo forest does not die. For example, Cizhu is one of them. Chinese orange bamboo, big arrow bamboo, etc. are all classified as a kind of regular flowering. The interval between flowering of this kind of bamboo is very long, usually 50-60 years: others even take nearly a hundred years to blossom once. However, no matter which year the bamboo pole grows, it only needs the same age or proximity of the bamboo basket, so the flowering time is roughly the same. Even if the ecological environment is very different, such as Sunny Slope, shady slope, steep slope, gentle slope, different soil and different altitude, they can blossom together.
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