Sieve is nothing?

by:Carehome     2019-12-19
What I shared with you today is the story of using a bamboo basket to draw water. Everyone feels very strange when they listen to this title. Generally, everyone is saying that the bamboo basket is empty. Is there anyone who uses a bamboo basket to draw water? It is true that this story is about an old man and his little grandson living in a peasant household in Pingyuan county, Shandong province in the early 20th century, every morning, the old man asked the little grandson to shake his head and tail to read some classic books such as the Book of Songs, Spring and Autumn Annals and records of the Three Kingdoms. The little grandson was also very obedient and shook his head and tail to read there, but one day I was tired of reading, and this little grandson asked this grandfather, saying that I read this Tao Te Ching for half a ring, and I don't know what it is and what it means. What is the meaning of reading these books like this? At this time, the old man quietly put some coal into the stove and said to the child, 'Son, you use this coal basket to hit a basket of water in the river. 'Little grandson is small, it really took this basket to the Riverside, but the water in the basket has leaked out before he came back. The little grandson looked at his grandfather with a puzzled face. The old man looked at the empty basket in his hand and said, 'you should run faster. 'Then let the child try again. This time the little grandson speeded up, but the water in the basket still leaked out before he came back. The little grandson understood and said to Grandpa: 'You can see that the bamboo basket is not allowed. 'The grandfather smiled and said to his grandson,' Do you really think there is no use at all? 'The old man took this basket. ' Look at this basket and find that it has changed compared with the past? 'The little grandson found that the basket had really changed and became extraordinarily clean. Now there is no coal ash on the bamboo strips, and even the handles have become extraordinarily smooth. The white man said to the child:' Children, these are the same as the ancient books you read. You may only remember a few words, some meanings may not be understood, but in the process of reading, those words and the atmosphere of your recitation, it will affect you and your life. 'Later, the child remembered this sentence and always kept the belief of being with books all his life. Finally, he finally became the leading player in China's religious studies, that is, Ren Jiyu, a master of Chinese studies. Originally, many of my people needed to think about it. Sometimes we have done something that seems useless, but it may have a very valuable impact on you.
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