return of the traditional picnic basket? plastic plates and cutlery may be banned from sale under government\'s latest green drive

by:Carehome     2019-11-17

Plastic plates and cutlery may be banned in the government\'s latest green plan. Restaurant basket is becoming more popular these years. As part of Downing Street\'s effort to oppose avoidable waste, civil servants are considering plans to remove plastic knives and forks from the market. 

Earlier this year, Michael Gove announced plans to ban plastic straws, a move that would force bars and restaurants to use eco-friendly alternatives.
According to Haley Dixon of the Sunday Telegraph, Whitehall officials are entrusting research into the \"economic, environmental and social impact\" of banning plastic tableware.
A notice posted online invited bidders for a £ 18,500 research project to consider the proposals.
It said: \"Plastic used at one time, including plastic plates, plastic tableware and plastic balloon sticks, may have a significant negative impact on the general environment when discarded after use.
\"The government wants to assess the economic impact of regulations banning these items in the UK and weigh them against the resulting environmental benefits.
Invite experienced suppliers to quote and evaluate the economic, environmental and social impact of implementing a legislative ban in the UK.
The evaluation will take a look at 1)

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The impact on enterprises, including domestic manufacturers and enterprises that use or sell plastics, including imported plastics. and 2)
The cost of using alternative materials for these products.
Gove\'s plan to ban plastic straws and mixers is estimated at 8 in a recent study.
Every year, 5 million straws are placed in the bin.
It may take 500 or more for everyone to crash. 

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Environmental groups warned that the straws were taken into the food chain by wild animals.
Activists say plastic straws have always been the top ten garbage found in environmental cleaningup operations.
The government also said that shopping bags for five Pence had stopped circulation of about 9 billion plastic bags.                                

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