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by:Carehome     2019-11-09

How to make your own innovative laundry basket with lid and handle from Wood what to do when your dirty laundry basket is out of the way, etc, what to do when the cat bites off the handle and laundry basket the wicker starts to unwrap; 

You buy a new laundry basket, a laundry basket that doesn\'t get in the way of you, and a laundry basket that cats don\'t chew.
If that doesn\'t work or you can\'t find the laundry basket that suits your requirements©Then you can consider making your own products that meet your needs;
That\'s what I did.
By using scrap, recycling wood, I didn\'t spend any money making this custom designer wooden laundry basket.
The details of my solution are given below, a new laundry basket designed to meet my needs;
Maybe this will help motivate you and others to be new when they find their own solution.
Innovative wooden custom laundry basket concept and design my main observation of laundry baskets is that they are still and need to be easy to access, easy to store dirty clothes, easy to clean and separate white and red, wool, cotton and so on.
One thing that meets all these conditions is a \"post box\", a wooden post box built in --
As a fitted piece of furniture, you can post your dress in a week, open the door and simply empty it, in order to classify and assign different washing types to different washing piles for one day;
Simplicity itself, therefore, is the basis of my design.
Another advantage of this design is that it is built in.
It is right against the wall, maximizing space, so the depth is less than the space occupied by the traditional independent Wicker Alibaba laundry basket.
There is no lid to worry about as you simply post your dress at the top opening and it also acts as a ventilation with a permanent shelf on the top, can be used as another space-saving idea to display decorations, save books or other household items. 

In our example, we use the top of the built-in
Placed in a laundry basket as a shelf for high grade wooden jewelry/trinket cabinets.
The selection of materials and structures for making wooden laundry baskets makes the contour design the next step to choose the right materials and construction methods.
For this I take root in my shed and see what I have to spare to recycle the wood.
I like solid wood, but when they redecorate the house or move, people who know me often give me their old furniture to recycle wood;
Nowadays, it is often furniture made of laminated cardboard.
So I have a lot of old contiboard (
Laminated cardboard)
There is also a weird kitchen countertop which will bring a great top to the building

In the hotel laundry basket;
Although the top can be made with any available wood.
The door must be much shorter than the cabinet and open specifically to the mailbox at the top in order to post dirty clothes without the need to open the front door;
Or as a cover for a more traditional design. The large gap (opening)
The top provides enough ventilation, which is essential for clothing, but if you have any concerns, you can always install vents on the side.
The whole building is a very simple design with only two sides, the top and bottom, the front door.
The sides are screwed or fixed to the top and bottom, and the whole unit is firmly screwed to the wall with a fixture similar to the one you fixed the kitchen base cabinet to the kitchen wallg.
Just a few blocks, screw to the wood inside and screw firmly to the wall.
In order to fix the unit to the wall and fix the sides to the top, I used a cardboard connecting block.
In order to install the door, I chose to use several kitchen cabinet hinges, especially since they contain a solid spring that can close the door firmly without the need for a latch.
No handle is needed in this design as the top of the door I finished with a piece of decorative wood is the handle for opening and closing.
The use and types of laundry baskets dirty laundry baskets and clean laundry baskets have multiple uses, so, especially in a larger home, you may need to provide different types of laundry for these different purposes
The task that the laundry basket must complete is :-
Store dirty clothes on laundry day.
Send dirty clothes to the washing machine.
Take the washed clothes to the clothesline or dry them.
Remove the dry clothes from the washing machine or airer, prepare for ironing, and temporarily store the ironed clothes if necessary until they are placed in a drawer and wardrobe.
It is clear that you can shuttle back and forth between the washing machine and the clothesline, or use an iron to iron your clothes, then put a laundry basket with a handle on both sides, both plastic and wicker baskets, ideal;
Can be placed somewhere when not in useg.
At the bottom of the cabinet or wardrobe, or under the bed, it will not get in the way until the next time it is needed.
In order for your dirty clothes to be washed all the way to the day, you need something more substantial to stand somewhere in the corner of the room and have people wash the dirty clothes to the day. g.
A wicker Alibaba laundry basket, a chest laundry basket usually made of wicker or metal frames and canvas, or a laundry basket made of plastic.
The problem with Landry BasketsSpace and usage is not the laundry basket to carry with you, but the fixed laundry basket to store dirty clothes until the laundry day.
These types of laundry baskets have been in use all the time and need to be easily accessible to the whole family at any time, but unless you have an extra corner in the bedroom, they may keep getting in the way.
They may also be too bulky, too heavy to drag in the house, so the wash day comes and you need to transfer your wash to a lighter, smaller laundry basket, basket
In our case, we have an Alibaba-style laundry basket made of wicker, providing us with quality service for many years.
However, there is no spare corner in our bedroom to save it, so it is placed near the wall, where it is often out of the way, knocked or pulled by naughty cats, the cat will chew the handle in time;
After that, the wicker began to unravel.
Another problem with it is that the lid is not always put back in place, causing further travel hazards, and on the wash day, in order to tidy up white from red, it is necessary to empty everything and clean it separately.
When our wicker laundry basket came home, we bought a cheaper plastic upright laundry basket, but it was still out of the way, although the cat was not interested in chewing it, the plastic was not as strong as the wicker, so it\'s only a matter of time before the plastic handle starts to crack.
Like a wicker laundry basket, the lid often leaves a travel hazard.
It is at this point that we look around for other options and the best option to meet our requirements is a more expensive chest or square rigid laundry basket with a hinge cover made of wicker or wood.
Just at this time, I have a eureka moment where I can make a custom wooden laundry basket that meets all our requirements based on my own design.                                

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