Legend of bamboo basket

by:Carehome     2020-01-01
According to legend, there was no bamboo in the ancient world. Bamboo only grew in the imperial garden of the Queen Mother. Moreover, bamboo basket is affected by the dew of Xianlin, which is beautiful and upright, but it takes a year to grow. The gods are very fond of Xianzhu, especially the Queen Mother, but also loved. She ordered the maid Chaoxia fairy to take care of Xianzhu, and Chaoxia also loved Xianzhu very much and took good care of it every day. Xianzhu also seems to understand her mind. As long as the morning glow passes by, she will show her posture and greet her. Although the sky is good, the morning glow yearns for the day when there is death and life, tears and laughter. When she and her girlfriends talked about everyone's days, they always said, 'If I could live a day in the world, I wouldn't even do it! 'But the girlfriends all laughed at her crazy dreams, and the bamboo basket fairies were all guilty of the rules. When I mentioned the dream, I really came. The Queen Mother drank a few more cups of Baihua Dew brewed by Baihua fairy at the flat peach meeting and was drunk. This hundred flowers drink a cup, the gods have to be drunk for three days, not to mention a few more cups? Chaoxia understands that it will take ten days and a half months to get drunk. Bamboo basket is really a good opportunity! To descend to the Earth, just take this opportunity. I quietly took some Xianzhu from the south gate to the world.
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