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by:Carehome     2020-01-16
Start with the cake batter of your choice. If you would like, you can mix up the batter from scratch. Just mix it up with the recipe of your choice. You can also use cake mixes. White or yellow cakes are both good choices. For rattan fruit basket cupcakes, it will all be about the decoration. The cake part will be most important for the taste, so choose the flavor that you feel your family or guests will like the best. The next step will be to create the Easter grass for the basket. Of course, the obvious choice is to use shredded coconut that you have tossed in green food coloring. This will create the most authentic look. However, if you fear that not all of your guests will like the coconut, you can pipe on green icing in a squiggly pattern. Now, you can move on to the main part of the decorations. You can choose from any number egg shaped candies that will be available during the season. Of course, jelly beans work well, but egg shaped malted milk balls or robin's eggs candies work well as well. Place them in the center of the Easter grass that you created. Finally, for the handle of the rattan fruit basket, you can use a couple of options. If you want to keep the whole thing edible, you can bend a red licorice stick and place the ends in the cake to create a handle. Any candy fruit sticks or whips can be used for the handle. You can also use a white or pastel pipe cleaner with a small ribbon tied on as a bow. When Easter time rolls around, make sure your dessert is not just tasty. Make it fun and thematic too. Rattan fruit basket cupcakes are quite easy to bake and design. With the right ingredients, you will have them ready in a heartbeat. Your guests will enjoy the design as well. About Author: offers an abundance of unique cupcake ideas, the sky's the limit. Check out more Easter Cupcake ideas.
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