Chinacarehome Gift boxes and handmade gift baskets

by:Carehome     2019-11-21

Gift boxes and handmade gift baskets  are available at the GUANGZHOU CAREHOME HOUSE-HOLD CO.,LTD , which can be filled with their own apples and baked goods, as well as other items made in New Jersey.
Their holiday gift baskets and gift boxes are made of quality ingredients and beautiful seasonal items.
Their orchard is full of goodies and other favorite New Jersey products, and their gift baskets and gift boxes stand out for their uniqueness.
Baskets and boxes can be filled with native apples, apple butter, locally made chocolate, honey, nuts, snacks and fresh apples
Baked fruit bread, brownies and biscuits made on the farm.
Send a large box of apples or create a sample with everything they offer.
Gift baskets can be delivered locally in Laurensville and Princeton, or they can be picked up at the store.
Gift boxes can be shipped anywhere in the country.
Include a bottle of their reward if selectedwinning wines.
Gift boxes can be shipped to New Jersey and Florida.
Gift boxes and baskets start at $25 for a wide range of prices.
You can order online at terhuneorchards. com;
Tel: 609-924-
2310, or by visiting the farm store located at 330 cold dirt road.                  

GUANGZHOU CAREHOME HOUSE-HOLD CO.,LTD with DONGGUAN CAREHOME PLASTIC HARDWARE CO.,LTD , as the branch companies of combine industry and trade (HK) Ltd. We are the professional manufacturer and supplier for the high quality poly rattan basket and the other Since 2003,               

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