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by:Carehome     2019-12-28
The bamboo weaving process includes cutting, sawing, cutting, cutting, pulling, prying, knitting, weaving, cutting, grinding and other processes, from sawing into bamboo joints, cutting into bamboo slices, and subdividing bamboo filaments, to weave into bamboo weaving utensils, and then to deburring, mildew and insect proof, etc. , the manual operation, Hirata's bamboo products are made by the Masters with decades of experience in the countryside ( In fact, in addition to the master, young people will not weave)The work is slow and the layers are meticulous and solid. The traditional bamboo protection methods are generally two, one is lacquer and the other is cooking. Our company's fruit basket uses the first layer of Bamboo, which is distributed in South China, including Guangdong, Guangxi, Taiwan, Hunan, Fujian, and southern Yunnan, equivalent to the south of 25 degrees north latitude, good in loose, moist and fertile soil; River banks, plains, and Hills can grow ( Especially on both sides of rivers, basins and plain alluvial soils grow best). Suitable for a warm and humid climate. It is mainly produced in Guangdong, with Guangning and Huaiji being the most, and this region is also the largest green bamboo center in the world. The green bamboo section is long and soft, and has good toughness, which is especially suitable for fine weaving. Dongguan Shijie Jianda hardware factory is a professional manufacturer mainly producing rattan products. Since its opening, the factory has always adhered to the business tenet of 'quality first, customer first, provide enthusiastic service to customers at home and abroad. And always adhere to the idea of 'people-oriented' to develop rattan manufacturing industry, and strive to develop the essence of rattan culture into a broader field. Carry forward the spirit of hard work, truth-seeking and innovation, inject rattan products into artistic life, and continuously meet the growing needs of customers. The products are suitable for: new environmentally friendly products used in hotels, hotels, families, handicrafts, etc. They are finely crafted, practical, artistic, ornamental, and collectible. They are currently exported to domestic and foreign markets. All products comply with the German food hygiene law LFGB safety certification; It is non-toxic, tasteless, washable, moisture-proof, antibacterial, and non-fading. Three ears of bamboo weaving, bamboo weaving between the dustpan story three ears of bamboo weaving skills began in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, has been more than 400 years of history. As one of the key counties for soil and water conservation in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the bamboo and wood capital of Sansui is very rich in various bamboo capitals such as nanzhu, Baizhu and shuizhu. The full and excellent bamboo capital has created a unique bamboo weaving skill in the local bamboo basket, so it is also called 'the hometown of bamboo' and there are dozens of kinds of bamboo weaving products, first of all, there are tile village hats, Green Cave bamboo baskets, wooden baskets and back baskets, meimin bamboo screens, mud mountain fish screens, flat tea mats, etc. , especially tile village hats. Sansui bamboo weaving skills. Spike bamboo weaving skills to water bamboo and bamboo as the material, first break into the thickness of the thick and thin, thin, and then according to the shape of the mold ( Only for the fight, and the bamboo basket flower basket, bamboo enamel, bamboo sieve, etc. have no fixed mold, the first bamboo master with the bamboo basket feeling to make its size and shape)Manufacturing. Different bamboo packaging fruit baskets and bread baskets have different processes. The manufacturing process of the bucket is thick and fine, uniform strips, coarse strips, fine strips, brush edges, fine strips, paste rice dumplings, other tops, dyed tops, Bale edges, oil and products. Also like bamboo, bamboo sieve, flower, flower sieve, etc. , mainly produced in the town of Bagong, the materials used are precise, and the markings are diverse, there are such words as 'Fu Lu Shou Xi', 'a hundred years of longevity', 'success in everything', 'all things go well' and 'go forward', which are woven by the county general Memorial Hall and collected by couplets in Beijing. There are no fixed drawings in the picture content, and the Craftsman plans to weave according to the customer's requirements. The manufacturing process is broken, uniform, boiled, braided, cut, bundled, flattened, locked, and products. Bamboo hand skills. The inheritance method of Sansui bamboo weaving skills is mainly based on family and clan autobiography. Some manufacturing skills have been passed on for six generations, and some are rarely passed on by master and apprentice. After the continuous innovation of the craftsmen, the three-ear bamboo weaving skills became a typical representative of the folk skills. Its excellent manufacturing and exquisite workmanship made the products amazing, and some bamboo products were flat and smooth, can hold water without leaking. During the weaving process, the tile bamboo was broken into fine pieces, and the fineness reached 0. 3-0. 5mm each eyelet is the same size, and this skill is extremely difficult. Craftsmen often use black and bamboo to mix colors, and use color changes to weave a variety of words, pictures, etc. , which is not common in today's bamboo weaving process.
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