Fruit baskets have gradually become a treasure house of nutrition in our lives

by:Carehome     2020-01-03
The polywicker baskets are suitable for sending gifts during the festival, sending fresh, sending customers, sending elders, and sending parents. China Carehome specializes in the production of rattan products. The products are suitable for new environmentally friendly products used in hotels, hotels, families, handicrafts, etc. They are finely crafted and integrate practicality, artistry, ornamental and collection, at present sold at home and abroad market. All Bamboo basket products comply with the German food hygiene law LFGB safety certification; It is non-toxic, tasteless, washable, moisture-proof, antibacterial, and non-fading. The company adheres to the best service, excellent quality and the most competitive price to provide customers, to achieve a win-win situation with customers, and to continuously innovate to meet the needs of different customers, in order to meet the needs of the rapidly developing market. Ms. Wang, a fruit basket Bamboo basket polywicker baskets consumer who can keep fruit fresh for a long time, recently reflected to reporters her experience in a food wholesale store in Hongqiao district. Ms. Wang said that the total weight of some small foods she bought that day was 1250g. However, when Ms. Wang went to her friend's house to open the 'spree', she found that in addition to the 80 grams of potato chips in two bags of inflatable packaging, there are only three bags of simple plastic bags of melon seeds and a bag of unprocessed microwave popcorn, and the other bag of soft candy is only more than ten pieces. And all the food together, less than 1000 grams. This unworthy 'spree' really makes Ms. Wang laugh and cry. Another consumer, Mr. Yu, also encountered a similar 'scam. He told reporters that on the morning of last Wednesday, when he was purchasing a new year gift at a farmer's market in Nankai district, he took a fancy to an 'imported fruit gift Bamboo basket ' for 75 yuan '. Mr. Yu said that the fruit basket sample was sealed with plastic wrap, which contained five or six kinds of high-grade fruits such as pitaya, snake fruit, raisins, kiwi fruit and pineapple, as well as a box of fresh strawberries. However, when he arrived at his friend's house, he found that the difference between the fruit basket he bought and the 'sample' on the booth was too big. Not only were there only three or four kinds of fruits, but also the freshness was not ideal, several bananas have all turned dark brown. The bottom of the fruit basket Bamboo basket is also filled with foam and looks very low.
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