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by:Carehome     2019-12-27
Bamboo, the quality of the green and green in the wind and frost, has led the poet to the same road. Therefore, the living quarters of Chinese literati are mostly planted with bamboo basket. The bright moon is like Frost, the wind is like water, and in the cool Leisure Court, the green bamboo is crooning according to the order, tall and straight, clear and green, and cute, with iron bones of plum Ling, cold and proud snow, the bamboo basket manufacturer has a noble and lasting color ,. Its 'strength' represents the uneven integrity; Its 'vanity' represents a humble mind, and its 'Xiao Shu' represents the poet's outstanding and refined. 'I would rather eat without meat than live without bamboo '. This philosophy of the day full of Oriental sentiment was once the energy pursuit of generations of Chinese literati and officialdom. 900 years ago, Su Dongpo used bamboo to express his meaning directly. Bamboo, for Chinese people,bamboo basket has never been a simple plant. At this point, we can easily grasp a large number of verses, literary works, calligraphy and painting masterpieces to prove, and the most wonderful expression of bamboo is the 'bamboo leaf monument' of Baidi City. Three bamboos were carved on the tablet, and the bamboo packaging manufacturer was light and vigorous. Looking closely, it was found that a poem was hidden in the delicate shape of the bamboo leaves: 'Don't thank Dong Huang Yi, Dan Qing is alone. Don't think the solitary leaves are light and don't fade for a long time. 'In those days, Guan Yu, who lives in Cao Ying, expressed his unchanging attitude to Liu Bei with this Tibetan poem. The image of bamboo is a household name. Now, it is still recognized by modern people with some kind of energy symbol. Returning to the material attributes of bamboo, the farming age, living in bamboo means a simple and full pastoral day. Raising bamboo is not only beautiful, but also can subsidize the family. Bamboo grows fast and can be used in two or three years. Everyone uses it to process household items such as seat tables, dustpans and bamboo basket. Most of the objects used by scholars are bamboo. As a kind of information used for sale, bamboo is very popular among the people. However, under the impact of modern industry, traditional bamboo products have gradually declined and have been replaced by mass-produced plastic, metal and new data products. Living in bamboo, gradually becoming a retro thought. There is a fault in the material source of energy intention. Everyone is more willing to recite the songs of bamboo, and many bamboo forests bamboo basket are gradually missing, and traditional bamboo products have faded out.
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