Does Carehome House-hold Company provide EXW for Bamboo Basket?
Guangzhou Carehome House-hold Co., Ltd. offers several types of pricing, including EXW. If you choose EXW, you agree to purchase products that are responsible for shipping related expenses, including door transfers and export permits. Of course, you will get a cheaper product when you buy EXW, but because you are responsible for the entire transportation, your shipping costs will increase. We will clarify the terms and conditions immediately at the beginning of the negotiations and get all the content in writing, so there is no doubt about what has been agreed.
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Carehome House-hold Company is a China-based manufacturer of cat basket. We specialize in design, production, and sales and is renowned in the industry. Carehome House-hold Company's pet basket series include multiple types. Carehome PP basket is carefully produced. It is treated with flame retardant, environmentally friendly fabrics, chemical and safe dyes. Its raw materials are skin-friendly. The product adds a natural touch to any room with a cheerful color. This product has become a necessity in our social environment today. It reduces or eliminates the amount of human tasks required to complete a task during production. It is characterized by attention to Chinese traditional culture.
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Based on the idea of wicker basket, Carehome has always been standing at the strategic height to push forward implementation of the plans. Inquire now!

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