China's bamboo production ranks first in the world

by:Carehome     2019-12-25
Bamboo industry is an ecological enriching industry and a green recycling industry with endless development potential and broad market prospects. Zhang Yongli, deputy director of the state bamboo basket quotation Forestry Bureau, recently proposed at the 8th China bamboo civilization festival held in Huangshan city, Anhui province that at present, China's bamboo forest area is 6. 01 million hectares, bamboo forest area, bamboo accumulation, bamboo products output value and export volume all rank first in the world. Bamboo processing skills and bamboo commodity innovation ability are at the world's advanced level. China is one of the countries with the richest bamboo capital and the longest history before bamboo cultivation in the world. Over the years, China has insisted on developing bamboo industry as an important task to build modern forestry and promote green addition, and has achieved remarkable results. The capital of bamboo forest continues to be added, the planning of bamboo industry continues to be strong, and the cause of bamboo civilization is increasingly prosperous, bamboo industry has become an important starting point for bamboo production areas to adjust their economic structure, change the quotation method of bamboo packaging baskets, increase farmers' income and promote the 'double increase' of forestry. At the same time, China's bamboo commodity application space is also expanding from traditional bamboo construction, bamboo things, bamboo gardens and bamboo musical instruments to modern bamboo building materials, bamboo furniture, bamboo fiber and bamboo technology. The results of the Eighth National Forest Capital inventory showed that China's bamboo forest area totaled 6. 01 million hectares, an increase of 11. Over the seventh inventory. 69%. In 2013, the National Bamboo output value was 18. 7. 7 billion root than 2012 yield 14. 17%; Bamboo Industry total output value 1670. 7. 5 billion yuan than 2012 add 36. 5%. According to the ten-year plan for the development of bamboo industry, by 2020, the income of farmers engaged in bamboo industry in bamboo production areas will account for more than 20% of the net income. Zhang Yongli indicated that the State Forestry Administration will continue to take the development of bamboo industry as a powerful starting point for further implementing the national policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers and handling the 'three rural issues, as an important way to promote the maintenance and appreciation of rural business property and the increase of farmers' income and wealth, as a serious action to cultivate new economic growth points in rural areas and promote the comprehensive development of economy and society.
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