China's bamboo basket industry will usher in a development opportunity

by:Carehome     2019-12-31
Over the years, with the advancement of environmental protection and processing technology, the bamboo industry has developed to a new level of bamboo basket. Everyone has greatly improved the utilization rate and raw material function of bamboo basket, and has also made bamboo into various kinds of cost commodities, with different commodity methods and exquisite manufacturing, covering many categories, such as valuable floors, Advanced Furniture, useful stickers, sporting goods, exquisite bicycles, etc. Professionals point out that bamboo development is far from over. Although bamboo is very light, it is one of the strongest plants on Earth. The Netherlands Eindhoven University of Science and Technology has come to the conclusion that the pressure resistance of bamboo can be the same as that of bricks and cement, and its tensile strength is the same as that of steel. The sails of ancient Chinese sailboats are simpler and more useful than those of Europe, and their secrets are supported by bamboo. European professionals admire this hollow pillar. The reality is also true, because of the characteristics of economy, environmental protection, durability and beauty, bamboo products are not only expected in China, but are now popular all over the world. There have been media reports that the use of bamboo products abroad has become fashionable. At present, the sales of bamboo products in developed countries in Europe and the United States are growing rapidly. For example, the United States and Europe each account for 20% of the world's bamboo flooring spending, and the spending is still rising. It can be seen that the use of bamboo is not only a fashion appearance, it will become a development trend. The prospect of bamboo shopping malls is so broad that it naturally attracts the attention of many raw material dealers. For example, in Dongguan Xingye timber shopping mall, Smart dealers did not limit the bureau to the timber business, but started to enter the bamboo basket shopping mall long ago. At present, some stores have operated bamboo basket skin and bamboo, and the business has always been good. According to some tenants, looking at the bamboo and wood trade stores in recent years, the sales volume of bamboo is 10- With the speed of 20% added, the store has a very promising prospect. The tenant analyzed that bamboo products have a long history of use in China, and their recognition is relatively high. The price of bamboo products is low, cool and wet, and it is very much expected. The potential of shopping malls should not be underestimated. According to the technical staff of Pengsen bamboo industry, bamboo skin, pure bamboo board and bamboo integrated materials are the latest decoration materials for innovative furniture. It uses bamboo with rich capital as the original material and is scientifically manufactured through 32 processes. The data has many advantages such as: the raw materials are consistent, the materials can be supplied in large format and easy to process, and various mechanical functions (Compression, tensile, bending, dry shrinkage)Better than wood; Environmentally friendly and sustainable ( The glue for making materials is lower than E1 international standard, and the original data selected-Bamboo can be made in five to six years). Because of its natural environmental protection and sustainable development, it is being liked by an increasing number of people. There are also some tenants leaking, and they have begun to cooperate with bamboo manufacturers to produce more new products, such as bamboo or bamboo, zebra bamboo, etc. , and then rich bamboo products, and further open the bamboo products mall. In real life, we can see a variety of technically sophisticated bamboo products at any time. The 'bamboo element' has been deepened to all aspects of our days, and bamboo products have become an indispensable product category for spending stores, and the potential spending capacity of bamboo products stores will be gradually released. In addition, bamboo has a short growth cycle and a high survival rate. It can expand its biomass by 30% every year, which is very suitable for development in mountainous areas in southern China, as long as relevant organizations and companies pay attention to the development of bamboo, invest funds and introduce new processing technologies, the development potential of bamboo industry is immeasurable. Especially on the premise that the global timber capital is increasingly lacking, the technology of trusting bamboo products will continue to improve, and the bamboo industry will achieve greater development.
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