basket case: the shopping cart is not the humble piece of store equipment it used to be.

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Sylvan goldman, the owner of the pigly WIGGLY supermarket chain, does not know when he invented the shopping cart in his 1930 s, his folding basket compartment, as said on the day, it will be in about 70 years.
Initially, his invention encountered resistance: men thought the trolley was weak and women did not like the similarities between it and the stroller. [
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But the device has changed over the years.
Once a feature-tight project, many roles can now be completed, including strollers, marketing tools, and children\'s entertainment.
However, retailers face a range of problems and challenges in the care, retention and safety of shopping carts.
At first glance, they may be considered whimsical entertainment for children, but Paul Wright, marketing communications manager at Salem. -
Headquartered in McCue Corp.
Bean smothers is the manufacturer of the Bean children\'s shopping cart, they use the children\'s shopping cart for a longer time, because the children are very happy and don\'t make a fuss, so they will spend 20% more time shopping.
\"Retailers are attracted to this bean because they can pick in a variety of colors, themes, sizes and basket styles, not to mention the increase in sales,\" he said . \".
\"Mothers love our cars because they know their children are happy and, more importantly, safe. \" [
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According to Wright, the construction of beans
In terms of safety features, including sitting the child in a recessed seat at a low altitude, the side is molded to prevent tilt and impact --
Resistant to the roof reduces the chance of damage caused by falling goods.
\"About 24 000 children are injured in shopping carts each year.
\"Since our children\'s carts use four times as many as the traditional ones, safety is one of our top priorities,\" he said . \".
McCue\'s stroller can be decorated with fire engines, racing cars, police cars, etc, or retailers can customize it with their store brand.
Quite dirty retailers seem to face some major challenges in disinfecting shopping carts.
Researchers at the University of Arizona say the shopping carts rank third on the list of public items worth touching and conclude that they contain more saliva, bacteria and[
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John Luposello, director of commercial product marketing, nice-
Pak in olangburg, New JerseyY.
The company says it has recognized that bacteria typically spread from people who come in contact with their handles and children in baby seats to shopping carts.
\"Whether we like it or not, when people get sick, they still have to eat, and when they shop, they spread bacteria on the cart handles,\" he said . \". Nice-
Pak komcial responded to this by launching SaniCart
Wipe to kill the bacteria on the shopping cart.
\"SaniCart wipe is EPA-
\"A number of bacteria and viruses, including influenza A2/Hong Kong, have been registered and proven to have been killed,\" said Saypoposello . \".
\"Supermarket customers are particularly interested in the flu season.
John French, CEO of Carlsbad, California
Carttrooper said that although there is no industry
He believes that, to some extent, it exists in every commercial market in the world.
The problem with the trolley leaving the parking lot has become blurred, and many municipalities have passed the law to allow them to impose fines on the company where the trolley leaves the parking lot, French said.
\"Trolleys have a large secondary market and the costs associated with this loss can be huge for some companies, especially when you consider the cost of retrieval,\" he said . \".
To reduce the loss of the vehicle, carttrooper developed cap 4. 0,no-saw-
Cut RF system and 3.
5v EMF system, both of which are digitally programmable. CAPS 4.
0 integrates RF features and new options to allow installation on sites with restricted landlord and other large complex sites with restricted access.
Both systems are real.
Time remote monitoring and management capabilities of the system and its components, including redesigned, extended-
Rangerset controller.
The ability to lock the wheels on the cart has proven to be very beneficial in preventing losses.
However, as some consumers are not always aware of the lock-in mechanism, retailers are increasingly likely to face injury claims.
Carttrooper began to solve the problem by developing the CAPS system, which has a visible yellow brake shell that alerts customers to brakes and teaching marks on the shopping cart and shopping cart fences.
According to company officials, due to its modular, maintainable design and dual
Parts on the shell
Site Maintenance simply and effectively doubles or tripled the life of the caster.
The supermarket has long spent money and manpower.
Bypass the cart for a few hours from their parking lot.
Not only is it expensive, it also poses a serious risk to the car.
Research shows that while the number of return areas has increased, busy shoppers do not always follow.
Intelligent fence designed by carttrooper, RFID-
Based on the system, provide loyal credit to customers who return their cars after shopping is completed. [
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French explained that the smart fence system installed a cheap RFID tag on each trolley and an RFID reader on the designated corral and one or more kiosks.
When the customer has finished shopping, she returns her shopping cart to the corral, swipes her card or enters her phone number and automatically receives loyalty points.
\"The idea is generated around consumers becoming part of the solution.
Not only does this save retailers by drastically reducing staff
\"Working on the time to collect a shopping cart, it also has the potential to reduce workers\' claims for compensation and liability related to collection, and reduce willful shopping carts that cause damage to car parks,\" said French . \".
He stressed that the most effective way to reduce shopping cart losses and improve overall return on investment is to implement multiple systems that together provide more ways to stop problems than individual systems.
Power at Minn Brooklyn Park has helped simplify the shopping cart collection process and make the task safer.
Came up with a quick cartreturn system.
Company officials say it can increase car productivity by more than 50% while reducing the risk of employee injury.
\"Our M3 and M3 HD systems are highly operational,
Direction, electric trolley-
Return machine with dynamic braking and aload-
Limit function.
It can help retailers improve productivity and reduce their payroll and shopping cart inventory, \"said Ted Ball, vice president of marketing and business development.
\"The need for one less employee to do a shopping cart return means that the company can save about $20,000 a year in operating costs,\" says Bauer . \".
\"But more importantly, when returning using an electric trolley, the physical stress of the employee is reduced.
When companies switch to power edsystem, the emergence of backinjuries is greatly reduced.
\"He said that due to the average loss of about $25,000 in work-related injuries, his system typically allows retailers to recover their investments in five months or less.
Concept of In-
Store media has been around for a while, but at least three challenges have hindered its success: attracting the attention of shoppers, integrating loyalty programs
The ability to improve efficiency and customize services.
According to Jon Kramer, chief marketing officer, Holdingsin Plano, a media car in Texas, measure in-
So far, the efforts of the store media have been very troublesome at best.
To solve the problem, his company created a carriage-MediaCart
The installed screens are designed to save time and money by helping them perform comparison price checks and find products in the store. [
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Shoppers can also: View store specials in aisle order when shopping;
View recipes and nutrition information;
Use an electronic shopping list in aisle order;
Fill the basket before checkout;
And scan the bar codes on their regular shopping cards to save on the extra cost and custom offers.
\"In the last three to five years, technology has changed so dramatically and rapidly that these changes are the main drivers of our ability to deliver an efficient, economical system
\"Compared with the predecessor, it is effective and advanced,\" Kramer said . \".
\"More importantly, we have built our system to understand that in order for it to work, it must provide benefits and clear value propositions for retailers, suppliers and the most important consumers. \" [
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With MediaCart, retailers can analyze their merchandising, store layout, and loyalty programs to better understand and serve their customers, he said;
Brand marketers can understand the impact of their ads by measuring how often shoppers respond to alternative advertising, offers, displays, or information;
Consumers can control their shopping trips more.
The functional level can be customized according to the retailer\'s marketing and communication objectives, and the price of the cart is structured so that the retailer can pay the same for the traditional cart, Kramer said.
Retailers have the option to have the system perform only a few or more functions, but the end result is the same: clean up customer data.
\"Every advertiser is talking about how to find the right customer, and retailers are also talking about the importance of understanding shoppers buying habits, and MediaCart enables them to achieve this by creating a differentiated point and increasing shopper preferences
\"When shoppers invest in shopping carts, they don\'t want to go shopping elsewhere,\" he said . \".
Steve skkins, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Ark. -
Assembled products based company
His company has created the industry\'s first recyclable electric vehicle, he said.
As he explained, by removing PVC and removing the chrome plating process and instead adopting a greener powder coating method, the company saved 650,000 gallons of water and 3,500 barrels of natural gas each year, and reduced by 13 to 15 tons of hazardous waste.
Since the launch of the Xti12 Green 63 trolley earlier this year, it has caused environmental retailers such as Whole Foods as well as traditional operators Schnucks, Food Lion, H-E-B and Safeway.
\"The idea was originally driven by Wal-Mart --
But we quickly discovered that on a global scale --
\"The scale exceeds the interest of mass retailers,\" says Scroggins . \".
\"The car is not only green in color, but also green in raw materials, design, manufacturing process and even disposal.
When the life of the artwork is over, all recyclable steel and plastic parts and batteries can be recycled again.
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