Bamboo Technology is an important skill in Chinese tradition

by:Carehome     2019-12-18
Bamboo Technology is an important skill in Chinese tradition. Bamboo Technology Bamboo basket carries forward the characteristics of bamboo that is easy to split. Bamboo basket processing, broken, woven into bamboo curtains, bamboo mats, fences, fan ribs, ribs, lanterns and other daily utensils; Taking the load force of bamboo, it can also be used as a raft, a Sun pole, a stretcher, a scaffold, a bamboo bed, etc; The contact of elasticity and resistance is convenient for processing into bows, crossbows, fishing rods, bamboo tips, brooms, shoulder poles, bedposts, etc; The characteristics of bamboo Hollow are also used by various musical instruments such as buckets, water pipes, water tanks, chimney, fire cylinders, bamboo bottles, bamboo rafts and bamboo flute. However, among the 'countless' skills, bamboo carving and bamboo weaving are the most eye-catching. The spring Bamboo basket carving is to saw the bamboo into a bamboo tube, to remove the green bamboo basket, leaving a layer of bamboo spring, after boiling, drying, flattening, gluing, inlaid on the wooden tire bamboo, and then polished, engrave the pattern. Leaving the green bamboo carving out of context, retaining a layer of green enamel on the surface of the bamboo, carving patterns; Then shovel the bamboo green outside the pattern and expose the Bamboo basket as the ground, hence the name. In the southwest of the motherland, in Yibin, the head of the Yangtze River, there is an endless sea of bamboo----Shunan Bamboo Sea. When I entered this ocean, my heart was suddenly shaking the production of bamboo baskets, and my thoughts were excited in deep thinking, not only the respect and love for natural creatures, I can't help but influence and follow the character of bamboo. Since ancient times, bamboo has been inheriting the national culture of China, interpreting the persistent feelings of China and encouraging the unfair fighting spirit of people with lofty ideals. How glorious is bamboo? How windy? The bamboo of the Bamboo Sea in southern Sichuan grows on the rugged mountains, on the ravines of the stream, and on the side of the farmhouse where the smoke is curled up. It is magnificent because of its momentum and beautiful because of its quietness, because of its ambiguity and restraint. Facing the bamboo shadow, I am like walking into a tough military line, still in the cold wind formation majesty; Hearing the bamboo wind zongzi basket, I felt the most beautiful melody, inspiring people to forge ahead and making people rejoice in blood; Touching the bamboo rain, I realized the tenderness of the bamboo Ana, Yiyi love. Some people say that you will find a soul in Zhuhai, southern Sichuan, which will make you unforgettable. I gradually realized that the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan is not only a scenery, but also a study for understanding life and a magnetic field for purifying humanity. As a Chinese, how valuable it is to love the morality of bamboo, cultivate the character of bamboo, and absorb the energy of bamboo!
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