Bamboo products are more and more widely used in daily life

by:Carehome     2019-12-21
With the modernization of life information, environmental protection and green have become a part of people's life. China is short of Timber Capital. It is imperative to launch products that replace wood with bamboo from the needs of protecting forests and the environment. In addition, bamboo furniture, poly rattan basket handicrafts, gazebo teahouses, etc. , give people a sense of returning to nature, is a popular natural green environmental protection products. At that time, the consumption concept of egg basket and 'replacing wood with bamboo' gradually entered the hearts of the people. The bamboo wood-based panel industry, the integration of bamboo pulp and paper, and the deep processing industry of bamboo shoots all needed to create a large bamboo base. Bamboo industry has become a green industry with great potential. Bamboo products poly rattan basket are more and more widely used in the usual days, mostly for daily necessities, such as chopsticks, chopsticks cages, chopping boards, mats, tea coasters, window cloths, etc. , including bamboo floors, bamboo furniture, as well as bamboo carving crafts, so the prospect of bamboo products is broad. With the prosperity of shopping malls, bamboo products companies initially pay attention to product differentiation hairy crab baskets, make brand features, and gradually add popularity and influence, sponsored by Huicong home network and Huicong gifts and crafts network, the top ten home gifts for 2014 are under hot voting. During this period, the bamboo products brand participating companies were weak. At that time, Zhirou and Locke's room entered the top 30, at that time, the ranking was also very high and popular. bamboo products were bred under the call of the new era. Anji Bamboo baskets are mainly distributed in Anji Hangyu town. Bamboo baskets have become a kind of habit. Almost every household will have people weaving bamboo baskets. Weaving, cutting, folding bamboo baskets, double bamboo baskets. Many of the bamboo baskets that have changed tricks are sold all over the country. The tradition is to do what to buy, and now it can be processed, printed with the company's watermark, trademark. Provide personalized service. Of course, many are sold all over the world. However, most of them are bamboo crafts poly rattan basket. Bamboo baskets are also the kind of beautiful sales abroad. It has also added a strong touch to the ancient culture of our country. Bamboo basket, a localized product from Anji, is in the process of booming, and I believe more people will use it.
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