Bamboo basket culture, national style design, more and more international

by:Carehome     2019-12-17
China is a famous bamboo village in the world. There are many varieties of bamboo and rich resources. According to investigation, Xinhua Dictionary uses 'bamboo' as the prefix to reach 254 words, which shows how close Bamboo basket is to Chinese people! When we understand the history of Bamboo basket as a material development, we should also see its deep civilization as a material carrier and technique of aesthetic or artistic expression. The fresh flavor and unique quality of bamboo have provided a rich genre for poets of all ages, leaving a lot of well-known essays. Especially in the long-term pre-historical evolution and aesthetic practice of Chinese civilization, Bamboo basket has become a kind of quality symbol and 'humanization' goal of being handsome, elegant and bright. Since the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the image of bamboo has appeared in today's paintings. Painters have personified bamboo: they use bamboo to describe people, and use bamboo to write people's feelings. The image of bamboo has become the aesthetic carrier of the traditional Chinese civilization spirit. In addition, in the rich inner of traditional civilization, there are various Bamboo basket customs, civilized festivals, seasonal Bamboo basket customs, bamboo customs of diet and clothing, and bamboo customs of transportation, even singing, dancing, entertainment, competitive bamboo customs and so on have formed the unique life style, values and aesthetic characteristics of the Chinese nation in the process of pre-history. The appearance of zongzi box bamboo civilization is not only contained in the category of people's spiritual days, but also expressed in the category of people's material days. It has obvious national and folk characteristics and regional characteristics. In addition, the cultural heritage of bamboo packaging also comes from folk art and bamboo skills. Folk art is an important style of bamboo packaging, and it is an indispensable packaging inner and style in the era of high information and high technology. Folk art is the art of accommodating the more profound national spirit. It is the root of Chinese civilization, which makes the bamboo packaging planning adhere to a kind of initial art, the temperament of simple Lotte. The above examples fully show the aesthetic inheritance of bamboo given by our nation in long-term practice, and also determine the special pride of bamboo packaging. In today's various modern packaging, a few pieces of bamboo packaging can bring you a fresh feeling, a feeling of 'returning to nature, returning to the truth' can not help it. With the development of scientific skills, bamboo processing such as wire drawing, weaving, carving and even bamboo plate gluing can use corresponding mechanical equipment. The processing of modern skills such as anti-corrosion, anti-mite and waterproof of bamboo has also been carried out. These have invented outstanding material conditions for the planning of modern bamboo packaging. Over the years, planners have used bamboo as a natural raw material in a wide range of favorable terrain. The planning not only attaches importance to everyone's traditional aesthetic thoughts and seeks unique appreciation habits, but also makes the bamboo packaging method fully linked with the product content, adding new ideas to the modern rich and colorful packaging planning category. Today, everyone is involuntarily placed in the rational and cold International of industrial civilization products, and needs more natural and warm feelings. Bamboo packaging is a simple and straightforward art rich in traditional national civilization, can meet everyone's spiritual needs. Bamboo packaging works perfectly link the subjective creative purpose with the natural shape of the data, which is the same as the natural mentality advocated by everyone at that time and the same as the 'green revolution' advocated by modern packaging. When we plan bamboo packaging and use modern processing techniques, we must adhere to the natural characteristics of bamboo and show its natural characteristics, so that bamboo cannot be 'changed '. Bamboo packaging is currently used in traditional food packaging. How to use bamboo for packaging in other categories remains to be explored. If bamboo is used in packaging, it also has broad prospects. In addition to bamboo packaging, in other bamboo basket packaging planning, the characteristics of national style should also be fully expressed: for example, the body structure is more used for reference to traditional skills; The widespread use of Chinese painting and calligraphy art; Folk graphic patterns such as paper-cut graphics, dramatic masks and used as packaging decoration; Use of natural raw materials such as wood, mats and leaves; The 'Beijing' seal script of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the packaging of gold and stone graphics, etc. These plans are the same as bamboo packaging. They all show the characteristics of Chinese traditional civilization from different levels and are loved by consumers.
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