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by:Carehome     2020-01-17
These new containers, usually plastic, are used to transport food products, store the food products, and even display the food before they are emptied and sent off to be refilled. This leaves them potentially crawling with bacteria and at risk of contravening health and safety standards, and furthermore, if consumers see food in a grimy box, they are less likely to buy it, so unclean boxes, wicker gift basket and trays could lose suppliers and businesses money, put consumers at risk because of the residual bacteria, and break the law by failing to meet health and safety standards. So, I hear you cry, what can be done? Well, it turns out there is a simple solution in the form of basket, box and tray washers. These are an industrial variant on the commercial dishwasher, bigger than anything found in restaurant kitchens and enormous compared to the domestic machines, which are designed specifically to clean large storage containers usually used to transport food products. Not only do they offer a more thorough clean than your average commercial dishwasher, washing baskets, boxes and trays from above, below and both sides to ensure all traces of dirt and bacteria are totally eradicated, and do so rapidly, cleaning a minimum of 150 boxes or wicker gift basket an hour. This can help companies ensure that their products and storage systems adhere to all sanitary guidelines, and that they don't put off consumers by trying to flog them fresh, clean fruit in grotty containers! So while the food industry requires box and basket washers, large catering businesses may feel content with their commercial dishwashers. Right? Wrong. It may seem sufficient to have clean cutlery and crockery, but in a cafeteria, why bother if this food will be served on a filthy tray, or even worse, a tray still dripping with water after being hastily shoved in a standard commercial dishwasher when it has become too unsanitary to use? Yes, there are also tray washers. These are even more efficient than box and basket washers, cleaning 1200 trays an hour, and can be bought with drying attachments to ensure that the clean trays are not left dripping with water - after all, there is nothing more unappetizing than picking up a tray, ready to pile it high with a meal, only to find it slick with greasy water. Not only is it unsanitary, but also a sure-fire way to put a diner off their lunch. So while you may think that the dishwasher industry begins and ends with commercial dishwashers, it is important to remember that not only does the food need to come to your restaurants and cafes in some form of container, but you often require a tray to carry your meal. And just as much as you would hate to eat off a filthy plate, you wouldn't want the ingredients to be brought to you in a filthy box, now would you? For full range of top brands of commercial dishwashers visit our site. Full range of spares and accessories for most commercial dishwashers. Ian Jones advises on washing equipment and supplies glass washers
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