Advantages and application of bamboo basket production in China

by:Carehome     2019-12-30
At present, Wood has become the most common natural packaging material bamboo basket. However, in our country, the limitations and lack of wooden packaging are also increasingly flashing with the continuous expansion of the packaging industry. First of all, China's forest area accounts for only 3. 5% of the international area. 9%, the Forest Reserve lacks 3% of the total international reserve, and the forest coverage rate is 13. 92%, the per capita forest area and per capita accumulation are lower than the international average level, respectively placed in the international 120 and 118, forest coverage ranked 142. China imports a lot of wood bamboo basket and its products every year to satisfy the needs of shopping malls. However, it is not a long-term strategy to rely on imported forest commodities to solve the lack of total demand in our country. First, the country's economic strength is not strong enough to spend tens of billions of foreign exchange to import forest commodities every year; Second, the international timber market is changeable. Relying on imports will make our country in a situation of great compulsion. Secondly, because some tree species themselves are simply affected by diseases and insect pests, they are limited by processing conditions and technologies as packaging materials, and their costs are too high in import and export trade. On September 1998, the U. S. government issued a temporary animal and plant quarantine rule, imposing new inspection and quarantine regulations on wooden packaging and foil materials for goods imported from China to the United States. It is required that the wooden packaging of China's goods exported to the United States must be accompanied by a confirmation issued by China's official quarantine authority, confirming that the wooden packaging has undergone heat treatment, fumigation treatment or anti-corrosion treatment before entering the United States, otherwise the import will be stopped. Later, Canada, Japan, Australia, Britain, the European Union and other countries and regions also followed suit one after another, which virtually increased the high cost of fumigation or chemical insecticidal treatment by China's export companies. Thirdly, a lot of timber cutting will undoubtedly have a bad impact on the environment. The speed of afforestation and forest formation together is far from satisfying the needs of shopping malls for timber. For example, according to statistics, 1. 2 billion shirts are produced evenly in the country every year, and the amount of bamboo basket paper used in the packing box reaches 240 thousand tons, which is equivalent to cutting off 1. 68 million trees with thick bowls. If you count the amount of paper used for all commodity packaging and the trees to be harvested, it is undoubtedly an amazing number. Therefore, it is necessary to develop and use other green packaging materials to replace wood packaging materials as soon as possible. Bamboo is undoubtedly the first choice. China is a big bamboo country with a long history of cultivation and use. No matter the quantity of bamboo resources, bamboo forest area and savings, it is still the output value and processing level of bamboo forest commodities. China ranks first among the international bamboo-producing bamboo basket countries and has the reputation of 'International Bamboo Kingdom. In comparison, the yield of bamboo is higher than that of trees, the period of production is short, it is easy to form, it is widely used, and the price is much lower than that of wood. The use of bamboo basket as a packaging material has existed in ancient times, especially in the countryside. With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, bamboo packaging will gradually replace wood packaging between urban and rural areas and in import and export trade, playing an increasingly important role.
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