12 restaurants worth travelling across the world to see

by:Carehome     2020-06-02
If there is an old-fashioned concept of food travel, it is the bucket restaurant list.
It is widely believed that the idea came from 2007 films, The Bucket List, which is probably only about 10 years old.
But it felt as if it had been kicked longer and overused, to the extent that it inspired a random and useless paste like a review of the best fried chicken in Orange County, California.
That is to say, make a list and check it out, which is a satisfactory exercise.
The destination restaurant is a satisfactory list.
Below is a list of two restaurant writers from Bloomberg who represent very good places we \'ve been to, we want to yell at them, and attractions on our own list.
Including a luxury restaurant on Provence Hill and a restaurant without a restaurant
There is only one restaurant in Vietnam: catfish.
Because yes, like the list of restaurants, we keep them as well.
Maaemo is an unexpected dining destination in a modern office building near Oslo\'s main station.
The scenery here is the railway track, and the soundtrack is the passing train.
However, Maaemo is worth a visit to Norway, a country with natural beauty.
It has three Michelin stars and is the only Norwegian restaurant to receive this award.
In a sense, this dish may be called the new North European dish because it uses local ingredients and uses the necessary cooking techniques such as pickling in such a cold climate.
But chef Esben Holmboe Bang has a sound independent of the style of cooking.
There are only eight tables in the main restaurant, so good luck.
If you do, you may experience a touch of frozen fresh cheese with smoked wild salmon eggs and wolf teeth of dry ice to create a scent of Norwegian pine trees.
Steirereck is often described as the Norma of Austria, an era
In a city not known for its cuisine, the tested restaurant is equipped with a modern menu.
In fact, Steirereck is completely singular.
The old building is basically reconstructed with a glass wall, overlooking the surrounding Stadtpark (City Park);
The view is as exciting as chef Heinz Reitbauer\'s creative cuisine, as well as coconut and morewater-
Boiled crayfish with celery root salad, potato cream, blue poppy seeds and roast beef with Alpine sauerkraut.
Honey course-
Taste typical jars
Along with the buzz of the bee population.
The atmosphere was completely relaxed and it was nice as the meal time would be extended for a few hours.
There is also a more casual option: Wine
The focus Milchbar is hidden under the Steirereck.
Elkano is located in a small beach town between Bilbao and San Sebastian, and each restaurant seems to be a destination, a legend for fish.
This is a very simple recipe.
Chef/boss Aitor Arregui gets all his seafood locally and then cooks on the grill with charcoal made of oak.
Featured is the diamond Horn, grilling in the grill basket, spraying a few mouthfuls of secret mixture of oil, vinegar and salt made with Arregui\'s grandmother.
Arregui insists that part of the secret is to make the skin of the baby fish bubble enough for the flame to season the meat itself.
Before he served, Arregui first picked out the bones and then added the generous drizzle of the family secret oil.
This charming destination is located at the foot of the mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, just a few hundred yards from the Italian border.
It is easy to get by train from nice, but it feels strange and almost isolated.
The restaurant is located in a circular hall of 1930 square meters with spectacular views. Argentine-
Chef Mauro Colagreco uses local ingredients to create seasonal dishes inspired by the ocean, mountains and gardens.
It is worth splurging on the tasting menu with signature dishes such as blue lobster, French cocoa beans and chamomile soup.
A restaurant that makes you believe in the tired phrase \"farm to table.
In this silent town of Hillsborough, on the edge of the land of luxury wine, chef Kyle connolton uses ingredients from five countries --
Kerry farm is taken care of by his wife Katrina.
Dishes like caviar
The local oysters are covered with moss with small flowers on them.
Connolton, who has been cooking in Tokyo for many years, stressed the impact of Japan on California ingredients such as cured foie gras flavored with cocoa and rokibos tea.
This restaurant is a restaurant with five restaurants.
Guest room: luxury Japanese towels and bathtub are provided.
Breakfast is available in the room and the chef is an expert in preparing smoked trout from donabbe, Japan
Bacon and fried food made of fresh eggs.
Many bucket list restaurants are either in an impossible situation --to-get-
Right or impossibleto-get-into category.
Not the stone barn. A 45-
This restaurant is only a few minutes\' drive from Manhattan and is located in an old stone building in the former Rockefeller Manor.
The stunning views of the Blue Mountains relate to chef Dan Barber\'s exploration of 80 acres of land around him.
Guests can get small notebooks instead of menus, and the original radishes, radishes and other small vegetables are fixed vertically on the board as snacks.
After the meal, you may have the best eggs of your life, heating up the heat generated by the compost pile.
In a beautiful environment
A renovated New England grist Mill enters through a bridge over a waterfall --
Chef Irene French has created an incredible personal experience freely in the coastal town of Maine.
The place is open only four days a week, eight months a year and receives 40 guests per night.
Thousands of people compete for these seats in a simple restaurant with wooden floors and tables without clothes.
That\'s why: The French offer delicate, simple dishes, using local ingredients such as clams as her New England chowder soup, with homemade salt and Maine bluefin tuna,
To add charm, there is wine in the store downstairs;
The guest took it up with a wicker basket.
It\'s like the ultimate dinner party where you are very lucky to receive the invitation.
On the remote coast of a small city, a retro restaurant sounds like the latest food lovers in northern Europe.
On the contrary, this is a restaurant in Canada. the food in this country will not appear frequently. do lists.
Led by chef Jeremy Charles, Raymond has made seafood and games in Eastern Canada very noticeable.
Charles is an avid fisherman and hunter.
Soy sauce by Moose: River powder (salami)
Rich and sweet local scallops with smoked fish seeds and wood-colored wild partridge sauce.
Even wine charts focused on top producers across the country make you want to celebrate Canada.
The uproar over the Jiro is still deafening, and it\'s hard to remember that there are other elite sushi restaurants in Tokyo.
Joel Robertson, a French chef who has compiled 31 Michelin stars, called Sato the best sushi restaurant in the world.
The seating counter of Roppongi has 3 Michelin stars.
Seafood fujiolongzhi Seafood and other sources (
The food he served with ginger)
From lean meat to fat (akami, chu-toro and o-toro)
Sexy uni and salty anago, as well as classic tomago.
This is not to say that any one is unusual;
Sashimi and sushi are standard.
This is an extraordinary quality, as well as a quiet little adjustment in aging some pieces and processing rice, lifting the place to a new level.
There is no doubt what you will eat in this humble upstairs restaurant.
It will be sizzcatfish\'s catfish, vibrant herbs, spices and peppers.
The name of the dish is the name of a very popular restaurant and the name of the street, a famous chef like the James Beard Award --
Chris Sheppard of Houston has come to taste it.
This is a very DIY experience: In your place, put a burner with an old frying pan on the public table --
Marinated fish, add garlic oil and plenty of dill and shrimp sauce.
The restaurant has prepared several bowls of herbs, pickled hot peppers, peanuts and undecorated rice noodles for guests.
You may not go here on your own for food, although it is a reliable combination of Sri Lankan dishes such as spicy coconut soup, fish cake and Hopper (
Rice noodle pancake)with curry.
But on the dense jungle hillside, a pilgrimage to this gothic hotel is worth it.
It is accessible by taxi from the historic Sri Lankan city of Kandy, millions of miles from the convention.
The warm air is filled with exotic smells and the sound of insects.
What separates you from the leopard from other wildlife is a wall.
The room was filled with mysterious paintings, from candles to wax on the floor formed in stalactites.
For decades, the people who visited the house included actors Vivien Lee, Lawrence Olivier, Peter Finch, William Holden and Gregory Pike.
On top of that, all the presidents are mysterious hosts Helga de Silva Blow Perera, celebrating stereo by British pop stars in their song \"Mrs. Helga.
\"While Peruvian food is very popular, the food in neighboring Bolivia has not yet reached the level of the food destination.
But whether it is the quality of cooking or the importance of educating disadvantaged youth and supporting the mission of national farmers, Gustu is worth considering.
The ingredients come from farms across Bolivia and there is a school in the restaurant.
The dishes may not be familiar: You may find yourself eating raw lamas from Tarija and rushing down with Bolivian wine.
Gustu was opened in 2013 by Klaus Meyer, co-
The founder of Noma, who installed the Danish chef Kamilla Seidler to manage the kitchen.
Although this is a social experiment, it is also a very interesting place for food.
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